Welcome Falcon Fans.

Well here it is! My Ranchero! The Ranchero is a 1962 Standard (66a). The paint is the original Rangoon Red. The Interior is the original gold, with the origianl "steer head" vinyl Bench seat. The Falcon radio and horn ring are there too. Most of the knobs were broken so I replaced them with factory "inncorrect" delux knobs! The Ranchero has a 170ci I-6. It has been rebuilt, but is the same one that came with the car. I am the second owner. The car was in decent running shape. but a basic tune up fixed most problems. I am in the process now of converting the GEN to and ALternator. We are using a 1 Wire Gm. Should be done soon. Joined the national and Local Falcon clubs, hoping to show my car at the Nationals in June! I have switched the dog dish caps for baby moons and added some rings. Looking for some ford logo moons, and maybe inset rings. Considering white walls but havent made up my mind. Added some retro water decals, and got my YOM plates on already (with my Paso Robles frames). So far just trying to get the eninge in tip top shape. changes will come later

Here are the pictures so far !
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April 2006
Got some new wheels, I figured since I was eventually gonna go to disc brakes, which will require 5 lug wheels, I figured I would experiment with tire sizes. The car came with 14 inch wheels, which is not stock. THe tires were 195/70 all the way around. So I decided to go with bigs and littles. I had 205/70's put on the back and 195/60's on the front. I'm preety please with how it turned out, all though im thinking I need to lower the front about an 1inch now... The first picture is of the old set up, the second is the new setup
March 2006
Lots of stuff going on! First I joined the National Falcon club and the Local Club. I showed at 3 shows last year (Day in the Park, Park Street, and Bethel Church) I am having a blast hanging with the club and showing the car! I have, since the last update, installed my Y.O.M. plates, I put in my new knobs (all of them now) put in the new pedals. Also I have a new window regulator ready to go to fix the passenger door. I still have a pile of stuff I want chromed and I am trying to work a family discount with my uncle! I have spent a good amount of time trying to shine up the old paint! I got an EZ Wire kit for Christmas, and plan to get that in the car soon, but probably wont happen before the shows start in April!! Planning on showing the Car first time this year At Pacific Coast Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay. Going with the Golden Gate Falcon club. Also I have been made editor of the club newsletter. Alot of trips planned this summer, so I will need to get some tires and shocks! I may experiment with smaller fronts and bigger rears, since I will eventually need 5 lug wheels, when I goto discs. I have an exhaust leak, so I need to get that fixed too I may go ahead and get a header and run dual exhausts while im there, alot of the guys in the club have duals on their 6's and it sounds sweet!. Here are some shots of the car i took for the insurance man (I was still on liablity only all this time!!)
July 2004
Heres the car out front, added the rings. and a shot next to the MB. I will add some interior and engine shots soon.
June 2004
Heres the car at dads, with the truck. Hadnt gotten the baby moons, so the "just rings" look makes it look pretty suede.
March 2004
Heres the car right after I got it. Washed it..