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Paul, Jessie and Skadie in the Photo Booth I want to hold her! Go sonic Go!
Skadie, Veronica and Gloria, Enjoy a  Sunny day. Jessie, Paul and Skadie at the photo booth again! This is Milo the Hedgehog.
cute puppy Stuffed Puffindog Best Friends!
I want some too!!! This is a display in a Norwegian musem. It depicts a Lundehund hunting puffins. Norwegians consider the Lundehund to be a native species. It is an honor to be represented in a musem. Words cant even describe how cute this picture of Nikki and Tisch is!!
Beach Dogs Ethan
Our buddy Birke, enjoying some waves in Washington with Zippy (Basenjii Mix) Ethan at the 1999 Hollywood Classic.
Photo courtesy of  Joe Perrigoue
Finns littermate Aslan.