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A beautiful shot.. Jessie and Finn Who is protecting who?
Shasta and Brandi. How many rolls of film did this shot take? Jessie and Finn, Soaking up the fun at Fort Funston in San Francisco Nikkita and her buddy Tisch.
Is it a Lundie? Lundie Fest! rawhide discussions
A Ukrainian fisherman and his dog. I wonder what kind of dog that is? Lundie Fest!! 11 Lundies in one place? Thats several percenatge points!! Serious rawhide talks between Finn and Trevor..
Can I help? Lady and her pups at 3 weeks come on just one kiss
Skadie and Some Fishermen at Fort Funston. Lady and her pups at 3 weeks. Skadie is in the middle and Shasta is closet to mom. Skadie reaches out to kiss Wolfie