Cease and Desist Gallery
All Christian Ministries have their detractors, and our ministry is no different! These are letters that we have received from Anti-Christian groups trying to shut this site down. These groups would like to keep JESUS the Monster Truck off the road and locked in the garage where he can't save souls!
A Letter from "The 700 Club" - March 14, 2000

A Letter from "Inspirational Films, Inc." - July 3, 2000

A Letter from the "Focus on the Family" - December 27, 2000

A Letter from the "Jimmy Swaggart Ministries" - February 19, 2001

A Letter from the "Kenneth Copeland Ministries" - March 1, 2002

Monster Truck Ministries would like to thank the above groups for their continued patronage of our site!
Remember, every time you visit this site, We get another dollar for our gas tanks!!!

Thanks Again

Reverend Paul

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