March 1. 2002, to:

"Reverend Paul,"

This law firm is general counsel for Eagle Mountain International Church,
Inc., also known as Kenneth Copeland Ministries, hereinafter referred to as
the "Client."  The above-copied e-mail address is a link from the site
located at    and
presumably reaches you, the creator and maintainer of the site and images
depicting, among other things, a registered trademark of our Client, same
being the stylized globe with the words "JESUS IS LORD" above the words

Assuming you are said individual responsible for this site, you have
intentionally reproduced our Client's name and registered mark, without
permission, and in a manner specifically designed to mislead the public into
concluding that our Client is a sponsor or "presenter" of "Jesus the Monster
Truck."   Demand is hereby made that you immediately CEASE and DESIST from
any further use or reproduction of our Client's name and registered mark in
any medium whatsoever, without limitation, and specifically with respect to
the above-named internet website.

This letter shall not be construed as waiver of any rights, and you should
consider further legal action imminent.


David R. Joe
Brewer Brewer Anthony & Middlebrook, P.C.


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