July 3, 2000

Dear Mr. Gluck:

	Please be advised that we represent Inspirational Films Inc.,
	the owners of certain rights in the copyright of the images
	extracted from the JESUS Film, which are reproduced on the
	world wide web site at: www.gluck.net/jesus and
	www.gluck.net/jesus/jesusgallery.html .The JESUS Film, from
	which the images on the JESUS Monster Truck have been extracted,
	was copyrighted and has been registered with the United States
	Copyright Office as of 1979. JESUS may not be reproduced in any
	form without prior express written permission of Inspirational
	Films, Inc.

	Inspirational Films, Inc., is aware that you have reproduced
	images from the JESUS Film on your web site which is an
	unauthorized reproduction and use of Inspirational Film's
	copyrighted material. This act is an infringement of our client's
	copyrights in JESUS and a violation of the United States copyright
	law (17 U.S.C 106) and subjects you to civil damages
	(17 U.S.C 504), criminal charges (17 U.S.C 506), as well as the
	costs and attorneys' fees required by our clients to enforce their
	copyrights against you (17 U.S.C 505). In addition, the Court may,
	in its discretion, award our client statutory damages of up to
	$150,000.00 (17 U.S.C 504(2)).

	We hereby demand that you cease and desist from any further use
	of, or linking to, the copyrighted images of the JESUS Film on
	your website.

	Please respond to this letter within ten (10) days of the date of
	this letter by eliminating the JESUS Film images, or any link
	thereto, from your website.

	Our office will monitor your website for any further infringement

	Your failure to respond to this letter in a timely fashion,
	and your failure to cooperate with the demands included in this
	letter, will force our clients to pursue additional legal action
	to protect their rights.

Very truly yours
Dennis R Kasper Esq.
Lewis, D'Amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard LLP


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