March 14, 2000

Certified Mail-Return Receipt Requested


Dear Mr. Gluck:

  Please be advised that The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
("CBN") is the registered owner of the service mark "THE 700 CLUB", which
has been CBN's registered service mark with the United States Patent and
Trade Office since 1974.  Concerning your use of our service mark on the
referenced web page, CBN considers such use of "THE 700 CLUB", or any
variation thereof including the associated graphics, to be a serious
violation of its legal rights in the service mark "THE 700 CLUB", and an
infringement of such service mark.  We also maintain that the value of such
service mark will be diluted by your use in any way.  CBN is committed to
protecting the integrity of its service mark and considers your use to be an
impermissible infringement and/or dilution.  Your use of such service mark
also constitutes a false representation of some affiliation between
CBN/THE700CLUB and your web site.  Therefore, CBN requests that you cease
and hereafter refrain from using "THE 700 CLUB" or any variation thereof
including the associated graphics, in any activity, business or endeavor of
any kind or nature.

  Your cooperation in this matter is requested within seven (7) days
of your receipt of this letter.

Very truly yours,

Joseph F.Fitzpatrick
Associate General Counsel


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