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Woooo! After talking about making a website for ages, it looks like its finally a reality. This is my pride and joy; my 1960 190sl. I grew up a Mercedes baby; my dad worked for Mercedes Benz and while I had a brief infatuation with Porsche, I loved Mercedes and hoped to have a convertible some day. Sure enough, some time in 1980 or so, before I even had my license, my dad told me about an old 190 that was sitting in the lot. When we stopped by one day to check it out, I instantly fell in love. Love at first site! It was in ok body shape and ran pretty well; I loved driving it.

After driving it for several years, I put it in storage around 1990 up in Placerville. I missed driving it and besides the occasional jaunt on dirt roads around the cabin, it sat in the garage, undisturbed until one winter when a water pipe upstairs burst and it basically Rained on my baby for several weeks. It was still a couple years till I could afford to bring it home, which we did on Thanksgiving weekend 2003.

Here are the pictures so far !
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July 11 2005
June 1 2005
The MB at Burlingame Motors, Only half way done!! Its all taken apart, LOTS of new parts and cleaned up old parts!!
April 2005
The shots we took for the Insurance guy. The car went to Burlingame Motors, the next day
July 2004
Out front with the Ranchero.
November 2003
The 190 leaves it home of 15 years! Hans (and Nico) drove the car down to Placerville, meanwhile we went and rented a trailer. We met Hans at the bus station. Hans, Paul and Nico loaded the car onto the trailer. Then off we went!!

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